Commissioning 2.0

Commissioning 2.0

For several months now, machines have been commissioned as much as possible by a team of service technicians and technicians from the particular team that built the machine. Previously, only service technicians were responsible for commissioning.
Stork IMM has opted for this new way of commissioning with several advantages:

  • The technician who built the machine sees how “his/her” machine is used and what purpose the machine serves. In addition to offering satisfaction and pride, it also has a stimulating effect on further improving quality.
  • Internal Stork IMM employees become more involved in the world of the customer. They experience the added value for the customer, but they will also experience what the the consequences are of disruptions.
  • Employees can exchange their knowledge and experience.
  • During commissioning, insights are gained into how parts can be constructed more easily accessible or more efficiently.
During the quotation process, Stork IMM has already started working as a team towards customers by visiting the customer together along with the engineer who is responsible for the project. When drawing up the specifications and also when discussing the 3D models. As a result, the machine better meets the customer's expectations. In this way, there are better insights into how options and customer wishes can be developed.

“Involvement is the key to success”.