Charasteristics of the Crate-line

Stork offers a wide choice in drive systems which enables us to offer you always the fastest and most energy efficient machine. Stork offers special wear resistant mixing-screws for perfect distribution of the master-batch and high output. Stork distinguishes itself by always delivering the fastest machine, also in the large machine range (>4400). Crate moulds are often complicated moulds with multiple core-pulling and ejector movements. The free programmable core-puller is extremely user-friendly and makes perfect parallel movements possible, resulting in the shortest possible cycle times.

Crateline: injection moulding machines for
the production of logistic packaging systems

The boost function of the integrated hot-runner switches on extra power during start-up to avoid injection points freezing off. This eases the start-up of these complicated productions. The Stork linear rail guidance of the movable platens distinguishes itself by its robust construction. Logistic packaging systems are increasingly moulded with 2K technology. The 2K unit needed to facilitate this, is available in different sizes and arrangements.