Stork IMM has its roots in the 1868 established company 'Stork & Co. Engineering Works' in Hengelo, the Netherlands. Stork became well­known for its heavy­duty constructions in steamengines, dieselengines, pumps, etc. From day one, Stork embodied the concept of social responsibility, for example being the founder of the first company pension fund.

Stork IMM: the company

Injection moulding machines

Stork IMM started in 1968 as Stork Plastics Processing Machinery B.V. with the production of injection moulding machines for all kind of markets.

The Stork injection moulding machine has always been known for its rigid design. Developments in the area of drives and controls made the Stork injection moulding machine extremely suitable for markets where production speed and reliability are crucial factors in the business model.

The Stork injection moulding machine is undoubtedly the fastest machine.