Focus on the foodline

The production of containers for the food-industry requires maximum hygiene. The Stork Food-Line can also be lubricated with food-grade oil and lubricants. Stork uses extremely stiff platens for symmetric filling and minimum clamping force. Stork offers a wide choice in drive systems which enables us to offer you always the fastest and most energy efficient machine.

Foodline: injection moulding machines for the production of food packaging

Extremely thin-walled food packaging requires extremely high injection speeds. The Stork Food-Line combines an extremely high injection speed with a fast and accurate switch-over to holding-pressure. Stork also supplies fully electric machines. Stork electric drives are distinguished by a robust rack and pinion drive that allows for the highest speeds. The rack and pinion drive has proven to be the most reliable drive. Injection moulding machines are often part of a production cell. Stork offers turn-key solutions in co-operation with the highest reputed suppliers.