Particulars of the potline

The regrind material used for flowerpots is often heavily contaminated. This causes mould damage and down-time. The large sized Stork melt filter prevents this and has a positive influence on the process. Stork offers a wide choice in drive systems which enables us to offer you always the fastest and most energy efficient machine. Extremely thin-walled flowerpots require extremely high injection speeds. The Stork Pot-Line combines an extremely high injection speed with a fast and accurate switch-over to holding-pressure.

Potline: injection moulding machines for the production of flowerpots

Special screws with high l/d ratios are ideal for homogeneous plasticizing of regrind material. Extremely high circumferential speeds make these wear resistant screws highly suitable for short cycle-times. Our high-flow air-valves with separate adjustment of flow and pressure guarantees the shortest drop-out time. The fast and accurately reacting mould safety provides an excellent protection for your valuable mould. Stork uses extremely stiff platens for symmetrical filling at minimum clamping force.