Review Plastpol Fair, Kielce - Poland


As usual Stork IMM was present at the biggest Plastic Fair in Poland which was held in Kielce from May 23rd till May 26th. Due to the fact that the K-show has ended just 6 months ago, there were not a lot of novelties or new features shown.

Stork displayed a Pail Line 4400 machine. This hybrid machine produced a 6 liter round paint container in less than 5 seconds. The take-out was realized by a Stork IMM top-entry robot.

The Stork Pail-Line represents top quality in injection moulding machines for manufacturing containers and lids and is a heavy-duty machine designed to run a life-time at short cycles, 24/7. Speed and reliability are key elements. The Pail-Line machine range is available from 1.500kN up to 11.000kN.