Harry retires after 44 years of loyal service

Harry Otten retires after 44 years of loyal service
On March 31, 2023, Harry Otten, Sales Manager Poland, ended his career at Stork IMM to enjoy his retirement.

Harry OttenOn February 1st, 1979 Harry started at Stork IMM. Harry was hired to deal with the hardware of the then “ST Machines.”
From there, Harry was promoted to the service department, where he was mainly concerned with electronics-related matters. He quickly mastered the work, became a troubleshooter and then chief of field service and finally manager service.
Meanwhile, Harry was also involved in the sales of new machines. Initially he was the contact person for all agent countries and Harry has been just about everywhere in the world.
In the 1990s, he then laid the first building blocks for the R&O department, which has now grown into a full-fledged department with about 10 employees who are involved in overhauling used machines on a daily basis. Harry: “Setting up R&O was one of the nicest things in my career.”
Later in the 1990s, Harry focused more and more on the Eastern European market and together with a number of Polish partners and employees, Poland has grown into one of Stork IMM's largest market areas.
Harry still worked full-time at Stork IMM until his retirement in 2020 and enjoyed it so much that he continued to work many hours for Stork IMM even after his retirement. “Of course there were ups and downs, but I still like my job.”
Harry has now spent so many hours in Poland that afterwards he regrets not having learned the Polish language in further detail.
After more than 44 years, the time has come for Harry to say goodbye to his work at Stork IMM and he has handed over his area and customers to Tom Braak.
“In recent weeks, Tom and I have visited Polish customers and introduced Tom as the new Sales Manager.”
Now that Harry is no longer working, he will be busy with helping his children, gardening, fitness, golf, his grandchildren and undoubtedly many more fun things.

Harry Otten at K-2019Harry: “I would like to thank all my customers, agents and other contact persons for the pleasant cooperation and wish them good luck and health for the future. I also wish Tom every success in his new role as Sales Manager.”

On behalf of Stork IMM, we would like to thank Harry for his dedication and contribution during his employment.

Gift for Harry OttenGert Boers (CEO): “Harry’s employment at Stork was a great journey. Until his last working day Harry remained as driven as always, focused on his customers and the potential projects. Despite a sometimes unwilling physique, he jumped into his car for a single customer visit in Poland if necessary. He knew how to read and handle the customers after all these years. It’s a pity that Harry could not attend the last K-Show. Which makes it even more special to spend the last couple of days with him at this year’s PlastPol.”

We wish Harry and his family lots of fun and health during this new phase of life.