Energy Saving

Stork IMM Energy Saving

“How Stork IMM is Helping Companies Save Energy & Boost Productivity”

Monitoring and saving energy is one of today’s most current and important issues facing companies across the plastics manufacturing industry. The sudden and rapid increase in energy prices, coupled with a continuing need to focus on sustainable operations, is forcing companies around the world to find the right way forward.

Saving energy has always been an important topic for Stork IMM. Today, we are proud to be a pioneer in designing and manufacturing among the most energy-efficient hybrid injection moulding machines available. Stork IMM’s unique concept, in which all braking energy is fed back into the energy network, makes the machine considerably more economical than other comparable hybrid injection moulding machines in the market.

While all new Stork IMM injection moulding machines are as supplied, as standard, with the latest energy-saving applications, Stork IMM strives to go further. Many customers are already familiar with the many options that Stork IMM has been offering for upgrading older injection moulding machines to the latest technology.

Given the strong demand for energy saving measures, Stork IMM is pleased to present an overview of 10 ways to save up to EUR 450,000 per year in energy costs with your existing Stork IMM.

Leaflet Energy Saving

Our specialists would be happy to provide you with more detailed information that best suits your company and your Stork IMMs.