Stork IMM Second Life

Stork Second Life

Sometimes a new machine is just a step too far!
Delivery time and price are traditionally the primary reasons for our customers to buy a Premium used STORK machine. Furthermore, it’s a great opportunity to learn about our product and services and make the step easier.

In the 1990s Stork started a department for Revision and Overhaul of machines.
At that time, Stork was the first manufacturer of IMMs with a re-use program.
Nowadays also known as the second life department for Stork Injection Moulding Machines.
Every year we try to give about 33% of our machines a second life.

Used machinery business:

After arrival of a traded in machine, the quality engineer does an intake evaluation of the machine.
A team of engineers, the project coordinator, and the manager discuss the results of this evaluation. In this meeting it is determined what will be done during the revision and overhaul of the machine. A team of experienced technicians will work on the machine for approximately ten weeks.

Most machines are sold as premium used machines with a retrofit.
That means that the clamping unit will be disassembled completely and the parts will be overhauled in our own mechanical factory or replaced with new parts.

The machine will be tested, repaired, and critical parts exchanged.
It is possible to add options and customer wishes, so the specification of the machine does not have to be a limitation to buy an existing machine.
Also, the newest system controls will be installed. As a result, the machines have all the modern features. The internet connection is standard so we always have the opportunity to provide remote service.
When the machine is completed it will be submitted to a factory acceptance test (FAT) by our Quality and Service departments. After a successful test the machine is re-painted and ready for delivery.
Our Service department will commission the machine. As soon as the customer signs the commissioning protocol, the warranty period on the machine starts.
The machine will be re-activated in our installed machine base where all technical details and parts and service history is stored.
We guarantee that we can Service a premium machine up to ten years after delivery.
Sales price for a Premium used machine is about 50% of the new price.

Sometimes we trade in machines which are not suitable to make premium.
These machines we sell “as is” without warranty.
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Used machinery business