Remote Service

2020 has been an extraordinary year for everyone in the world. At the beginning of March, the Netherlands were also hit by the Corona pandemic and Stork IMM was forced to adopt a different policy. Working digitally quickly became the new standard.
Corona's impact on our field service was huge. Suddenly our salesmanagers and field service engineers could no longer travel freely and we were forced to come up with creative solutions.
All this has meant that the remote service has been intensified and we had to commission a number of machines with remote support to our customers.
Also training courses that are normally offered at location were transformed to a digital format. We have shown that we are able to adapt quickly to new circumstances and come up with professional, flexible and creative solutions. Our great advantage is, that we have local service available in various countries. Because of that, we were able to provide service despite the entry restrictions. We even strategically housed our field service engineers for several weeks, allowing us to minimize quarantine restrictions and serve customers quickly.
We are grateful to have been spared serious illness up till now, and we sympathize with those seriously affected by the pandemic.
Unfortunately, we started 2020 with a lower order book and, on top of the uncertainties surrounding Corona, we had to adjust our organization early in the year. This, together with our new horizontal way of working, in which sales managers and engineers operate as a team towards our customers, resulted in an organization being much more agile and able to deal better with changing market situations. We can see that all these changes have resulted in a firm growing orderintake from the third quarter of this year.
The customer experience is central in our new way of working. We focus much more on the external environment, instead of focusing internally. Shorter lines, adaptability and flexibility are key factors in this.
Our relations will meet more different employees of Stork. Our engineers, will learn even better the wishes of your organization. Our in-house technicians will also support on-site commissioning so that they get to know the customers organizations and thus can assemble the machines even better according to customer wishes, but also our purchase managers will intensify relationships with suppliers, so that we can adjust even faster.
All this has already resulted in shortening delivery times, improving our design and increasing our quality. Moreover, we see more potential to expand this further in 2021.
In addition to the organizational developments, we also look back with pride on the further technical developments related to, for example, the electrical clamping, remote services and energy savings.
We will finish 2020 with many machines to be delivered. Despite all the turbulent times, the Stork team has made a solid final sprint in the last few weeks, which means that we can largely make up for the dip at the beginning of this year.